DIY Backyard Wedding Decorations and Pre-Wedding Home Improvements

Backyard weddings are becoming more and more popular throughout the years, as they provide many unique possibilities. And they can even save you a lot of money, as well, mainly if you use DIY backyard wedding decorations. The following decorations and renovations will help make your ceremony a success by creating more substantial and more appealing styles that feel more professional.

Five DIY Backyard Wedding Decorations You Can Make for Under $100

Before we talk about the different home renovations and upgrades for your wedding, we’ll discuss a few simple DIY backyard wedding decorations that you can make. Most of these decorations will cost no more than $20-50 in materials. Some may cost even less! And they’ll help to make your backyard an excellent place for your wedding and the reception afterward. So let’s get started, shall we?

1. A Photo Walkway of You and Your Partner

The old adage says that “a picture says a thousand words,” so imagine what 100-200 photos will say about your relationship? You and your partners probably have thousands of pictures that you could choose. So get on your phones, gather your cameras, and start printing out some photos. Doing so will make it easier for you to create a fun walkway that will highlight your wonderful marriage.

Collect photos from various points in your relationship, focusing on extra fun and memorable moments you had together. These can include your date experiences, different travel moments, fun selfies you took at any point, and other pictures that make your relationship seen more memorable. Try to position this throughout the storyboard in a way that makes sense logically.

For instance, you may have one board dedicated to the “Early Days,” another one on your many trips and dates as partners, and more recent shots. You can even include funny “Oops” photos. These pics will show a more candid and fun side of your relationship to make it even more appealing.

2. Fun Confetti Alternative Options

One of the most significant moments of any wedding is when confetti gets thrown at the newly married couple. However, a growing number of people are trying to avoid unsafe options, like rice, as these may get eaten by birds and cause real health issues. Thankfully, many safer alternatives are available, each of which can be used and quickly cleaned up once the wedding is over.

The easiest of these DIY backyard wedding decorations is likely birdseed. This option is great because it is inexpensive, light, easy to throw, and biodegradable if left behind. Most likely, though, birdseed will get eaten up by any birds after the wedding is over. In this way, you won’t have to worry about the potential problems of rice or other types of less environmentally safe confetti options.

You can also use all-natural and organic glitter, as this may be available in many stores. You can then take this slitter and glue it to strips of paper that are easier to throw or integrate throughout various parts of your backyard area. Pay attention to your yard’s overall design and appeal to ensure that you create a decorative look suitable for your needs during the wedding.

3. Paper Light Lanterns for Easier Decoration

Lights are critical for any backyard wedding but can be pretty awkward to make appealing. For instance, you may have many electrical lights but find them unattractive when placed throughout the yard. Thankfully, there are a few different ways you can enhance their look by creating paper light covers. These lanterns are usually relatively easy to integrate into just about any wedding scenario.

It is usually relatively easy to produce DIY backyard wedding decorations made out of construction paper. Cut strips of the same width and length and then arrange them in a circle. Push this circle out to create a lantern shape and staple the top and bottom to make it stick. You can now add simple electrical lights within these lanterns and scatter them throughout the backyard.

Some people may even print photos or sayings out and place these on paper lanterns. For instance, if you and your partner have a favorite television show, print meaningful quotes on the lanterns. You can also integrate family sayings and other customary terms that make sense for your situation.

4. Customized Outdoor Seating Options

Outdoor backyard weddings need DIY backyard wedding decorations for seating, as well. Thankfully, you can create some relatively high-quality and straightforward benches, seats, and tables with just a little work. By fully understanding your options, you will make it easier to craft a fun experience that is perfect for your partner and your families during this beautiful moment in your collective lives.

For instance, you can make some simple benches using just three pieces of wood — one for the seat and two for the legs — and place a $30 pad on it, and PRESTO: you have an outdoor chair. Try to scatter a few of these different options throughout the backyard to get the best result. For example, you should have a few other spots near the reception area and where you plan on getting married.

If possible, you can also create some tables for under $100 using simple particleboard and posts. You may need to varnish the top or throw a table cloth over the top to make them a little classier, though. Or you can leave them as-is to emphasize the natural style. That choice is yours to make and should vary depending on you and your partner’s type and tastes.

5. Homemade Table Decorators and Gifts

Tabletop decorations are ubiquitous at most weddings, and many DIY backyard wedding decorations start here. By fully understanding the different design options available, you can create a high-quality look that everyone will remember. You can also save yourself a lot of money by using simple items you may already have around the house.

For instance, you can use used glass yogurt, peanut butter, or jelly jars and decorate them with a bit of silk or decorative paper to create a succulent pot. These jars can store various types of snacks, such as nuts and mints, and make excellent table toppers. Put them on every table throughout your backyard wedding to create an attractive look that makes your reception more appealing as well.

These little jars also make a great giveaway option for your many guests. These days, such gifts are not uncommon as a thank-you present to wedding guests. Try to fill the jar up with many types of goodies, including various types of candies, chocolates, and even small prizes. These small prices can include tiny photos or other items that help your guests remember your wedding forever.

Five Renovations Your Home and Backyard May Need

Although DIY backyard wedding decorations are critical for your experience, you also need to consider a few renovations as well. These steps may require you to contact renovation experts but are essential for your wedding experience. And you can’t skimp out here, either — we strongly suggest that you get all five of these services or more, to get the best possible look and style for your wedding.

1. Outdoor Yard Enhancements

Most of your backyard wedding will take place outside, including seating areas and tents that help make this experience more comfortable. As a result, you need to make sure that your yard looks immaculate. A well-cut lawn is just the tip of the iceberg. When cutting your grass, make sure to keep it as short as possible and remove the spare blades to prevent that unappealing grass odor.

For instance, you may want to contact tree care services which can trim your trees and remove branches and anything else that may be in your way. Just as significantly, they can help to clean up bushes and other items that may be scattered around your yard, providing you with the high-quality decorative attention that you need to make your home as appealing as possible for the wedding.

Even better, some contractors may be able to sell you simple tools that allow you to cut your bushes. Practice a little, and you’ll find yourself creating designs that enhance your wedding experience. For example, you could cut your bushes to reveal the names of the bride and groom. Doing so is a fun way of making an outdoor wedding a more enjoyable experience for all involved.

2. Exterior Building Enhancements

For instance, you may need to talk to vinyl siding contractors who can enhance your home’s look. You may want to consider changing the siding to match the color scheme of your wedding. If you aren’t entirely committed to this approach, you can usually get good results by getting a siding service. Cleaning your siding will help to make it look better and avoid serious style problems.

Beyond those steps, you may also want to get new asphalt paving for any paved area, roofing repair help to manage any problems you may develop, and much more. Thankfully, many roofing contractors can help you out here. They’ll not only improve the overall look of your yard but can also create more substantial and more attractive looks for your windows and your water spouts.

3. Important Glass Upgrades

Another critical step to consider is window treatment steps for your home. Even if you plan on spending much of your time outdoors, your windows need to look great. Strong windows serve as the eyes of a home — and if you don’t take care to make them look a little classier, your backyard wedding may be a little awkward for those who expect more from this experience.

Thankfully, you can call glass contractors who can help enhance your windows. They’ll come and clean the glass surface and repair any nicks and damage to the panes. They can also replace the panes if they are too damaged and perform simple frame repairs. If necessary, they may be able to replace your windows, as well, to ensure that they match your wedding and home repair needs.

You should also pay attention to the glass inside your home because people may end up going indoors for food or bathroom breaks. Try to keep the glass clean and integrate fun stickers or other design elements that make the glass more appealing. Or you can just draw the shades, as this step creates an interesting indoor-outdoor dynamic that is more likely to keep people outside.

4. Pest Control Steps

Outdoor weddings can be a lot of fun but can also become a disaster if you get any uninvited guests. And we’re not just talking about your crazy Uncle Charlie but various types of vermin, like mice and various insects. Getting rid of these pests before your ceremony is critical because it can protect you from the risk of accidents between your guests and these critters.

For example, you can call animal control to set up skunk, porcupine, or raccoon traps. These animals will not only get into your food and trigger bad smells but may also carry rabies. Getting rid of them in your area helps to make your wedding that much safer. However, it is also wise to consider pest control for smaller and more invasive vermin that may linger around in your yard.

Eliminate pests like ants, spiders, termites, flies, and anything else that may be lingering around in your yard. You are going to pay a bit of money for these steps, it is true. However, they are more than worth it if you can make your backyard wedding more attractive. And while these steps hardly fall in the DIY backyard wedding decorations category, they still help inform your wedding success.

5. Interior Enhancements

Even if your wedding primarily takes place outside, you still need to make sure the inside is comfortable as well. For example, you need to ensure that you have good access to hot water, which may be essential for cooking and other needs. Therefore, you may want to get water heater repair done before the ceremony to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

This step is wise even if you plan on cooking outdoors and using outdoor kitchens. That’s because you’ll still be getting the water from inside your home and need it to be warm and appropriate for your needs. Thankfully, repairs of this type are usually relatively minor and may only require you to replace your water heater filter or adjust its temperature to get the best results possible.

It is also wise to get repairs for items like your furniture and your floors. Doing so helps to make them safer and stabler if people do end up coming indoors. Remember – the weather could change at your ceremony and force everyone indoors temporarily or even permanently. And having a good interior for your home will cut back on high costs or other types of financial burdens.

When you’re planning a budget-friendly wedding, there’s plenty you can do to get creative. We hope some of these ideas help!

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