How to Replace Garage Door Extension Springs

When you’re working on things around the house, there are many things that can go wrong. Whether it be inside the house or outside the house, something always finds a way to need fixing. This is also the case for garage doors. Even if you just had a company perform a new garage door installation on the house, a problem might come up as soon as they leave. In this video, we watch as someone fixes broken springs on a garage door.

Video Source

For most people, the cost of garage door repair can be outside of your price range, but that’s where learning how to do these repairs yourself can save you a ton of money. The main purpose of the spring is to get the garage door to retract on its own. Trying to lift a garage door without the assistance of the springs can actually be very difficult, especially as the garage door comes rolling back down the rails. All this takes to fix is simply replacing the springs while the garage door is up and then letting the door go.

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