Different Wedding Registry Ideas That Arent Cash

When putting together your wedding registry, you may be drawing a blank. While cash is always nice, there are some different ideas that can be even more useful and unique. If you’re having trouble coming up with out-of-the-box wedding registry ideas, here are 15 that you might want to consider.

1. Professional Photos

When thinking about different wedding registry ideas, adding professional photos is something to consider. Professional photos can be used to have amazing wedding photos taken without worrying about having to break the bank when you already have so much on your plate. You can also specify that you’d like a photographer who does 360 photography so that you can have an incredible way to remember your special day.

2. Landscaping Services

If you are buying a house and plan on moving in with your spouse after the wedding, you might consider adding landscaping or tree service to your registry. This can help you fix up the exterior of your new home so that you can enjoy it with your spouse once you get back from your honeymoon. It can also help save some money when it comes to making your new home your own, meaning one less thing you’ll have to worry about after the wedding. When it comes to different wedding registry ideas, this is definitely one to keep in mind.

3. Gutter Guards

Another thing to consider if you are looking for different wedding registry ideas and have a new house to keep in mind is gutter guards. While this may not seem glamorous, it can make taking care of your new home a lot easier and it can help protect your roofing. When leaves build up in gutters, it can cause water damage which can damage the area around your roof, potentially even causing root rot. Gutter guards prevent this by keeping debris out of your gutters and they also ensure that you won’t have to clean them out every year yourself.

4. A Professional Butcher Set

If you love cooking and are looking for different wedding registry ideas, adding professional home butcher supplies to your registry is something to think about. A professional butch set can enable you to choose the finest cuts of meat and process them just the way you like. It can also be beneficial if you or your partner are hunters, as you then have the option of butchering the animals that you get yearly, all without needing to send them off to a third-party butcher.

5. A Meal Subscription

For those that like cooking, but don’t necessarily like having to do a lot of planning and prep work, a subscription meal kit is one of the best different wedding registry ideas to consider. Meal subscriptions are great because they take away the hassle of having to plan dinner and they are easy and fun to prepare. Many also give you the option of picking meal preferences online so that you never have to worry about getting something that you won’t eat. For example, if you don’t eat red meat, you can set this as a preference to ensure you don’t get sent any meals that contain red meat.

6. Firearm Supplies

If you or your spouse enjoys shooting, firearm supplies are one of the different wedding registry ideas to keep in mind. Things like firearm coatings, storage cases, shooting club memberships, and gun cleaning kits are things that you might consider adding to your registry. If you live somewhere where target shooting on your property is legal, you may also consider adding things like targets and trap throwers to your list as well.

7. Hunting Gear

Going hand-in-hand with the above, hunting gear can be another thing to add to your registry if you or your spouse enjoy hunting. This can also go along with the at-home butcher kit if you wish to butcher your own meat. Consider things like camouflaged gear, waterproof boots, hunting GPS systems, rangefinders, rifle bags, and arrow holders. If you live near a hunting club, you may also add membership to your registry if you’d like to be able to join and hunt with others in your area.

8. Couples Classes

When it comes to different wedding registry ideas, couples classes can be a sweet, fun inclusion, and there are a lot of options to consider, depending on what you and your partner would like to do. A few options to consider include massage classes, mixology classes, cooking classes, art classes, dance classes, language classes, home improvement classes, and acting classes. Each of these classes can open up new opportunities for closeness and bonding. Cooking classes, for example, can help you learn how to cook delicious dinners together, skills that can then be used in your home. Art and acting classes, on the other hand, open up areas for creative communication and expression. The classes that you choose to add to your registry will depend mostly on the activities that you and your partner would enjoy doing most together.

9. Museum Membership

If you and your partner are fond of museums, you may want to consider adding a museum membership to your wedding registry. Museums that frequently host new exhibits can be a great option for membership and they can allow you access to everything without having to pay extra. Additionally, if you can’t decide what museum you’d like to visit most, some cities offer passes that grant visitors access to museums and other attractions. The Go Chicago Pass, for example, offers access to 29 attractions, such as the Shedd Aquarium, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Adler Planetarium. While the passes only last for a max of five days, in the case of the Go Chicago Pass, if you live near the city or are planning a honeymoon there, it could be something to consider adding to your registry.

10. Wine Subscription

Another of the best and different wedding registry ideas includes a subscription to a wine club. This option is great if you and your partner love having a glass of wine with dinner, and it can give you access to many wines that you may not have heard about before. In addition to this, it can also provide you with some rare or hard-to-find bottles, some of which may only be available through certain clubs and memberships. For example, Lalalu Cabernet Franc is nearly impossible to find anywhere, but the SommSelect Membership offers it. Similarly, this can also allow you to branch out and discover new favorite wines that you’ll wonder how you ever went without.

11. A Gaming Console

You’re never too old to be a gamer, and some healthy competition with your partner is always a good thing. This is one of the different wedding registry ideas that lovers of video games will want to keep in mind, and it can allow you to put that new console on your wish list so that you and your partner can enjoy it once you get back from your honeymoon. Whether you enjoy taking turns in single-player games to see who can run the best campaign or you just want some friendly competition in 1v1, putting a video game console on your wedding registry is something you shouldn’t overlook.

12. Patio Accessories

This one can go hand-in-hand with landscaping services and it can help you fix up your new home with an outdoor area that you and your partner can relax in together. Things to consider asking for include comfortable patio furniture that you can get cozy on, a grill, a fire pit, and some hanging lanterns to help set the mood as the sun goes down. Consider things that will both look good and be comfortable and relaxing so that you and your partner will have somewhere to sit together and just appreciate each other’s company.

13. Smart Technology

When it comes to different wedding registry ideas, smart technology is hot and it comes in many different shapes and sizes. Although there are practical smart devices, such as smart thermostats, smart fire alarm systems, and smart outdoor security cameras, there are also some fun and interesting ones too. Consider adding things like a smart lock, a smart speaker, a smart display, and smart lights to your registry list, all of which can help make your new home more functional and easy to manage. Smart speakers, for example, can set alarms, read the news, answer questions, and play your favorite music all without you needing to do more than ask. Smart lights can also be controlled by your smartphone, Alexa, or Google Home, or set to turn on and off depending on a schedule. Like the Clapper of old, which allowed you to turn lights on and off by clapping, smart lights allow you to easily control your lighting with only your voice or tap of your phone.

Additionally, things like smart outlets can also be something to consider as they can control anything plugged into them, turning them on and off from your phone, and they can even tell you how much power something is using. Like lights, these can also be programmed to turn on and off at a certain time, meaning you never have to worry about leaving something running ever again.

14. Car Detailing

Whether you have a new or used car, they all need a little love once in a while and getting them detailed after your wedding is a great way to share some of the love left from your big day. Adding car detailing may not seem immediately helpful, but if you spend a lot of time commuting, you’ll appreciate the cleanliness once it’s time to head back to the office. And, even if you don’t drive far from work, you don’t want to head out as a couple in a stained and dirty vehicle. Car detailing can be as simple as a quick wash and vacuum, or it can be a complete deep clean of your interior space. If your car is in need of a little extra care, consider adding detailing to your registry so that you can start this new chapter of your life with a clean set of wheels.

15. A Honey Gift Set

This one may seem out of left field, but it’s here for a good reason. Honey has been an important staple in many cultures across the globe, from ancient Egypt to ancient India and ancient Greece. Commonly, honey was associated with the divine, making it a symbol of immortality. While it may sound sickeningly sweet, this can be a great (and delicious) representation of the love you share with your partner, and — like a wine subscription — it can be used in great ways every day. From sweetening tea to acting as a hiccups cure, there are a lot of great uses for honey, and it can actually be found in many different varieties, some even mixed with things such as cacao and blackberries. If you’re looking for a different wedding registry idea, this is definitely one that is worth buzzing about.

Finding The Best Registry Gifts For You

While these are just 15 of some of the best different wedding registry ideas, there is no shortage of great and unique ideas to choose from. Although not all of these ideas will be for everyone, hopefully, they can provide inspiration to help you create the perfect wedding registry for you and your partner. Consider the things that you would like most or even the things that you need. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. After all, your wedding registry should be unique to you and your partner!

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