Hairdressing Terminology for Dummies

Have you ever visited a salon with high hopes that you’ll be getting the haircut or style you want – only to leave the place an hour later with a terrible or unwanted haircut? It can really be stressful and frustrating when you can’t describe to the hair dressers what exactly you want to be done on your tresses.

The key secret to getting the best haircut and salon experience is to clearly convey and explain your desired style and look to the stylist. You can’t just assume that you and the hairstylist are all on the same page and expect that the outcome will be to your liking.

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If you simply nod in agreement to whatever the stylist wants to do with your hair, you may get disappointed with the result.

That’s why you must understand the typical jargon that hairdressers use at salons. It can help you convey the style you want with the stylist, and you’ll be sure to get the best haircut the salon has to offer.

In this video by Jayne Hair Extension Co., you’ll learn some of the most popular terms and jargon used by hair dressers around the country. From splicing to the difference between ombre and balayage, you’ll discover it all here.

Watch the video from start to finish so you can learn the vocabulary quickly. Knowing these essential hairdressing words and phrases can make your next salon visit more fruitful and successful than the last.


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