Will Your Childs Socialization Skills Increase After Sending Them to Day Care?

Should you send your child to day care or an all-day kindergarten, instead of just half a day? There are many factors to consider when choosing your child’s first exposure to learning. You may want them to start their education early or you may think that you want them to learn how to make friends early on. So, are children better socialized in day care? Let’s find out!

There are many positive aspects to sending your child to day care. They become more social and can lose their shyness, which can be a bad thing.

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This can, in turn, make them because sky with their parents because they are now more sociable with children. All-day kindergarten can make them lose their separation anxiety, making them excited to leave for kindergarten in the morning. This is not a good thing because they will then lose their fondness for wanting to come home. They will be more inclined to be around their peers at school instead.

Dr. Gordon Neufeld is very knowledgeable about how children can change due to day care, so it’s important to trust his expertise when choosing a day care for your child.


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