How Big Outdoor Wedding Venues Set the Scene For Your Special Day

Your wedding is important to get right because you may end up spending thousands of dollars on the whole event. However, there are ways that you can improve this process and make it simpler and more effective. For example, big outdoor venues provide couples with many benefits and can highlight the natural beauty of the wilderness in ways that improve your overall experience.

If you’re interested in big outdoor wedding venues, it is important to understand just what they bring to your experience. These fantastic venues are designed to perfectly complement many different ceremonies and appeal to a broad range of people. This article will not only highlight the many benefits of these ceremonies but give you the inside scoop on venue types and important planning steps.

The Many Benefits of Big Outdoor Wedding Venues

If you have the money for it, big outdoor wedding venues provide fantastic benefits that make them a great option for many ceremonies. These packages are not just for people who love the outdoors but can be a beneficial service type for many people, even those who normally love the indoors.

How could someone who naturally dislikes the wild find themselves enjoying a big outdoor wedding ceremony & reception? They simply provide a broad range of benefits that make them hard to turn down, no matter what your interests. Just a few reasons you may love one include:

  • More Space – Are you planning on a big wedding and an even bigger reception with your bridal packages? Are the wedding halls you’re checking out just too small, and you aren’t sure what to do about it? This is where big outdoor venues are so beneficial! They’re almost unlimited in space by comparison to indoor venues, giving you lots of room to place your guests and all the paraphernalia related to your ceremony.
  • Amazing Scenery – Outdoor venues place you in beautiful environments that give you plenty of amazing scenes. For example, many outdoor wedding ceremonies will pair breathtaking visuals with a gorgeous gazebo design and much more. All of these elements make an outdoor wedding venue an amazing option for people who want something different and beautiful for their big day.
  • Relaxed Atmosphere – One of the best things about a big outdoor wedding is that it feels more relaxed and enjoyable. For example, many people just feel naturally relaxed outdoors and love these wedding venues for that reason. You might see people playing football in their tuxedos or just relaxing in ways that they might not enjoy when attending an indoor wedding venue.
  • Lower Price – An outdoor wedding ceremony can often be much cheaper than an indoor one because you can combine the ceremony and the reception into one destination. Furthermore, these destination weddings often combine various other elements, such as entertainment, into one package. That makes them a great option for people who want a beautiful wedding that doesn’t necessarily break the bank.
  • Memorable Experiences – What is more memorable: an indoor wedding in the same old venue or an outdoor one next to a gorgeous lake where wedding guests can swim? The answer is obvious and is something that you can take full advantage of with an outdoor wedding. Try to create amazing and eye-catching designs that produce a more engaging and unforgettable experience.
  • Broader Entertainment Options – We already hinted at this benefit above, but outdoor wedding venues give you far more entertainment options. Imagine being able to jump in the lake during a reception or even going water-skiing. Other outdoor fun options include horseshoes and other unique games that make an outdoor wedding a more enjoyable and unforgettable time.

All of these benefits make big outdoor wedding venues a fantastic investment for your big day. Even if you have to pay a little bit more for this ceremony, it is more than worth it for the memories that it can create. Just as importantly, it can make your big day even more special than anticipated.

While you will have to pay extra for things like sprinkler systems for the grass throughout the venue, these small extra costs are more than worth it for the benefits. Before booking an outdoor wedding venue, it is important to pick the right option for your needs to ensure the best results.

Types of Big Outdoor Wedding Venues for Your Event

Now that you understand just some of the biggest benefits of outdoor wedding venues, it is important to take a deep look at some of the venue types available. These venues go above and beyond indoor venues and give you a diversity that you may not expect from this service.

That’s because there are far more wedding venues available than you might think. Each of these venues provides a unique experience and will work well for many types of people, including those who don’t really like being outdoors. Here are a few big outdoor wedding venues that you can consider for your ceremony:

  • Forest Settings – Are you looking to create a fantasy-style wedding that takes advantage of beautiful surroundings? A forest wedding might be great for you! These venues place you in a gorgeous forest and can include wonderful decorations, such as flowers and trees, that an arborist can help you set up. This option works well for any outdoors person and people who enjoy exploring beautiful wild areas.
  • Lakeside Venues – Is there anything more beautiful than lakeside property? It’s hard to imagine, especially when planning your big outdoor wedding. Take advantage of the natural beauty of waterfront property to create an amazing destination wedding that you’ll always remember. Tap into the natural benefits of a lake at this destination, such as putting up swimming areas for the kids.
  • Farm Destinations – Farms might not immediately jump out in your mind when planning an outdoor wedding. However, they’re often one of the best options for this kind of venue. They have a sprawling property with plenty of places where you can put up tents and hold events. Farms also have barns and even animals that can make this experience even more fun and enjoyable.
  • Garden Spots – Do you want to save on flowers for weddings on your big day? Why not have an outdoor wedding in a garden? There will be plenty of high-quality flowers throughout the site that will give you the color and style that you want for your big day. You can even set up beautiful garden paths that your guests can explore to make this experience even more enjoyable.
  • Desert Sites – Yes, a desert destination wedding is going to be more than a little hot. However, if you dress and prepare for the ceremony properly, it can be a lot of fun. The pictures that you take alone may make this an amazing destination, as long as you keep cooling stations and water available. Many desert wedding venues also include rivers, ponds, and other unique decorative items.
  • Vineyard Visits – Do you and your partner love wine and checking out gorgeous vineyards? This wedding destination may be one of the best choices you’ll ever make. Getting married among the vines and booking the vineyard drinking area can give you the amazing experience you want and deserve. Many vineyards even offer entertainment options, such as areas for concerts.

These different types of big outdoor wedding venues make it important to do your research and make sure that you invest in various extra services. This additional professional help can ensure that your experience is more enjoyable and minimizes any potential complications.

For instance, you may need to contact tree trimming companies to help keep the area around the venue clean. Talk with the venue owners about this step to see if they know anybody or if they’ll give you a discount if you pay for the services yourself out of your wedding budget.

You should also pay attention to things like equipment rental to ensure that your venue is smooth and efficient. This important rental option will vary based on your venue and your ceremony type. In the section below, we’ll talk more about the various steps that you can take to keep your venue safe.

Things to Include in Big Outdoor Wedding Venues

The best big outdoor wedding venues often include a broad range of things within their prices, such as areas for your guests and food. However, it is also important to plan many of these things yourself because your big venue will give you plenty of room to add many items.

While your venue may not need all of these things, it is a good idea to talk to them about what you may need to add to your event planner. Some will even help you by setting up these extra things for you and charging just a little more money. Just a few things to consider when booking your ceremony include:

  • Bathrooms – Some outdoor venues may lack bathrooms or require outdoor options. They are often included in the package when renting one of these venues. However, you may need to book elsewhere, depending on the spot, so make sure you talk with the booking group about this situation.
  • Beautiful Decorations – Any wedding needs gorgeous decorations for its reception. An outdoor venue provides many naturally beautiful sites but can be enhanced by other items. For example, strings of flowers, signs, and other items can make your wedding even more gorgeous.
  • Portable Generators – Electricity is vital for things like slide shows, DJ rigs, and much more at weddings. If your venue lacks simple electric plugs or other types of power sources, you may need to rent portable generators from the event planners or other professionals.
  • Tents for Adverse Weather – High-quality tents are essential for any outdoor wedding because they ensure that your guests have somewhere to go if bad weather strikes. For example, excessive heat and wind, and rain can be blocked out easily with tents to keep your reception comfortable and avoid complaints from guests.
  • Music and Entertainment – If you plan on a big wedding outdoors, you may need entertainment professionals to help. This can include DJs or even bands that can perform for your event. Choose the music option carefully and make sure that you pick songs for the first dance, the mother-groom dance, and much more.
  • Stages for Reception Events – Make sure that your venue has a stage where you can hold reception events, such as the first dance and other important moments. You’ll also need to talk with a local sign shop to learn more about important decorations, such as signs for the reception area that make it even more attractive.
  • Photographers to Take Beautiful Photos – While you’ll obviously need a photographer for your wedding shots, they are particularly important for outdoor venues. They’ll capture the beauty of the wilderness flawlessly and give you the amazing pics that you need to send to those who couldn’t make it.

No matter your ceremony, it is important to consider things like rock delivery before booking. Rocks can help you produce fantastic looks and styles, including unique formations throughout the outdoor venue that make it more enjoyable and produce a broad range of differing styles.

These steps can help make big outdoor wedding venues even better and give you the experience you want and deserve. Working with your event planning can improve this situation further by ensuring that you get the hands-on help necessary for making your next event even more impressive.

Booking big outdoor wedding venues can give you the amazing experience that you want without costing you too much money at the same time. Just as importantly, booking an impressive outdoor ceremony will give you and your partner lifelong memories that can keep your relationship strong. So make sure that you contact an outdoor wedding venue to book your ceremony ASAP!

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