Top Grateful Dead Clothing Items

For as long as they have been around, the Grateful Dead has never gone out of style. A hippie fashion brand seems to continually update T-shirts and other clothing, bags, bumper stickers, and other collateral with images that highlight the band.

In this video, we are going to look at a myriad of popular Grateful Dead images on T-shirts from a personal collection.

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One thing you are bound to notice with this collection is that some of the band’s most iconic images are featured.

The Grateful Dead is Closely Associated with Key Design Elements:

Most people still honor the grateful dead nearly 60 years after they first showed up on the streets of San Francisco and Haight Asbury Street.

Some popular images include:
One of the most highly recognized designs in tie-dye items. Shirts, pants, skirts, bags, etc., there is no end to the variety of boldly stated and muted tie-dye items symbolizing the band for generations.

* Other highly recognizable images include:
* Images of the band on the steps of their home in San Francisco.
* The popular dancing bear
* Guitar playing skeleton
* The pairing of roses and skeletons
* Red, white, and blue, skull with lightening bold
* Skeleton with a rose crown

True Grateful Dead fans can spot another fan from miles away, due to their specific way of dressing.
One thing to be aware of if you are looking to purchase some vintage Grateful Dead wear, find out if it is an original or not. This will help you determine what the proper price should be.

Because of the love many fans have for the Dead, has led to knock-offs and fakes. Before you purchase, make sure you know what you are getting, and then let your freak flag fly!.

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