What To Do To Get Ready For a Wedding

It is almost that time of year again, the time for June weddings. We all think we know how to be the perfect guest; however, everyone could use a little refresher on wedding etiquette and the dos and Don’ts involved with attendance. That is what this article is intended to do. To give you some insight on what to do to get ready for a wedding.


Speaking of RSVP, this is the number one thing to ensure you do following the receipt of a wedding invite. Before returning the RSVP, here are some tips you need to know. After all, being a guest to a wedding is almost as important as being a participant.

The first question to ask is if you are required to bring a “plus-1” date. Bringing an uninvited guest is one of the biggest misunderstandings people do when going to a wedding. Ensure to take a close look at how the envelope is addressed. This will be an indication as to whether a date is expected. Is it addressed to you alone? Or, does it say your name and “guest?” If the latter is correct, then it is likely expected for you to bring a date. Now, remember to RSVP right away, nothing is more frustrating to the couple than guests who fail to RSVP in a timely manner.

Getting Yourself Physically Ready to attend the Wedding

Just because you are the guest and not the bride doesn’t mean you cannot do some pre-wedding beauty preparations. We have covered the basics about what to do to get ready for a wedding. However, the most important thing to get ready–is yourself! Being invited to your besties–or an in-laws bestie–wedding can be stressful. Below are some tips on how to manage your stress level. How to ensure you are relaxed and the best YOU possible on their big day.

Take Charge of Your Stress

It is common knowledge what anxiety and stress can do to the human body. Stress can create skin breakouts and make the immune system weaken; giving us a tired, run-down feeling. What to do to get ready for a wedding is trying to take charge of your stress and anxiety. If you are going to be the best possible guest, you need to ensure your stress levels are intact.

Starting a Healthy Regimen

One of the best ways to get on track is with a healthy regimen. The best way to take charge of stress is with a relaxing, deep-tissue massage. This will not only relax your muscles, but it will also give your mind a chance to relax. Another way to relax the mind is meditation. Just 10 minutes daily; or a weekly session of yoga or a fitness circuit will get you on track.

Skincare is another part of your health regimen. If your skin has patches that appear darker than your normal skin tone you may have hyperpigmentation. There is numerous treatment when it comes to hyperpigmentation therapy. You can have certain procedures done, such as microdermabrasion, or use OTC lightening creams, to name a few. Whatever you decide will depend on the severity of your condition. When attempting a healthy skin regimen, below are two cosmetic procedures you can consider:

Cosmetic Dermatology

Cosmetic dermatology is something that has become popular over the past decade. Botox is the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic process.

Dermal Fillers

This is another form of cosmetic injections that is targeted to give the skin the appearance of youthfulness. With dermal fillers, the cosmetic dermatologist will inject a substance in the lines, wrinkles, or hollows of the face. This produces an effect that is volumizing practically immediately. Consult with your physician to determine which one is best for your face and skin:

  • Synthetic wrinkle fillers
  • Hyaluronic acid fillers
  • Collagen wrinkle fillers
  • Autologous wrinkle fillers–(these are fillers concocted from the fat or blood of the patient).

Other ways to get rid of the dead skin cells and give yourself a rejuvenating skin sensation are exfoliating treatments. These exfoliating treatments include:

  • Physical exfoliation: this is done by putting some abrasive stuff on your face, which scrapes away the surface cells that are dead.
  • Microdermabrasion: tiny crystals drizzled on the skin to get to the skin’s middle layer
  • Chemical peel: this exfoliates your skin by using a chemical mostly acidic, the material available in a variety of fortitudes.
  • Laser skin treatment: the skin is exfoliated by the use of light energy. This also allows for the production of collagen to be stimulated.

Some other skin procedures you might consider in what to do to get ready for a wedding may include:

  • Laser hair removal: This is a procedure done by a cosmetic dermatologist which utilizes a fixed laser to corrupt the hair follicles. Doing so in an attempt at delaying or inhibiting the growth of new hair.
  • Removal of unwanted tattoos: depending on where you have yourself inked, it might not be appropriate for a friend and their new relatives to view. Therefore, you can ask your dermatologists to use a laser to get rid of those unwanted, tacky tattoos.
  • Non-invasive removal of fat: If diet and exercise fail to remove that little pooch belly and saddlebags, there is a solution. Your dermatologist can perform a procedure to remove stubborn fat. The use of heat, ultrasound waves, cold, or injections can be an effective way to permanently get rid of those fat cells.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Something else you want to do to get ready for a wedding is to make your smile brighter. One of the ways to do that is through cosmetic dentistry and bonding.

The use of bonding can give the teeth an advancement in appearance. This is particularly effective when teeth have been stained, chipped, cracked, have spaces, or are broken. When teeth are bonded, the cosmetic dentist applies materials that match the coloring of the tooth to the tooth’s surface.

When you attend a wedding even as a guest, you can expect to be smiling a lot. If you have stained, chipped, unsightly spaces between your teeth you are terrified when a photographer says “smile”.

Why not see what the help of a little cosmetic dentistry and bonding can do to boost your confidence. See how cosmetic dentistry can help with what to do to get ready for a wedding.

A whiter, brighter smile is something that makes us feel more attractive. There is something about white teeth that gives us more confidence. Laser whitening is the best choice if your teeth are dark and you must get them white quickly.

Now that you have a hold on your stress and anxiety. Your skin and teeth are their optimum best. You are ready for the next step in what to do to get ready for a wedding. That is to find the perfect outfit to wear.

What is the Dress Code?

Sometimes the dress code will be mentioned on the invite–such as “black tie optional” or “cocktail casual”. If the invitation doesn’t give you any hints about what you are expected to wear, check the couple’s wedding website. This can usually be found somewhere on the invitation. If you don’t discover any specific dress code requirements, remember not to overthink it. Other guests are going to be wearing a variety of outfits. What you wear isn’t going to be on anyone’s mind (unless it’s totally inappropriate!) If all else fails, opt to wear a cocktail dress (female) or a nice suit (male).

What about the Jewelry?

The jewelry you accessorize your wedding outfit with is the last step in what to do to get ready for a wedding. You are not going to want to wear anything too expensive or extravagant to the wedding. (After all, you do not want to outshine the bride!) Therefore, you should check out a jewelry store online and see if they have any jewelry for sales prices. All you really need is a nice necklace, simple drop earrings, and a bracelet. Your date will need some cuff links and perhaps a dress watch.

What about a Gift?

This is what I dislike the most about getting an invitation to a wedding. How does a person find the perfect gift for two people they might not know that well? The best option is money. If you decide to go this route, ensure to do it in the form of a check–(cash has a way of getting lost or stolen). Tuck your monetary gift in a nice card, sealed inside an envelope. There is normally a box somewhere on a table at the reception to drop cards in. If you want to buy a gift, check out their wedding registry. Has the gift shipped to the appropriate address; therefore, you aren’t stuck trying to carry it around. In addition, a nice wedding card is a special touch–since no one likes arriving empty-handed.

Pizza for a Wedding?

You might be asking yourself why would anyone have pizza at their wedding? However, it is actually the ideal food to serve a group of hungry people. If the wedding is outdoors, the caterer can set up outdoor brick ovens to bake the pizza. If the wedding is taking place in the city, there are probably a number of pizza places that deliver.

Put Your Cell Phone on Silent

Keep your cell phone on silent (or turned off) for the entire day. There is nothing worse than your phone is the one that goes off during the vows or a toast! So, to be on the safe side, just turn your phone off–you will survive.

Respect the Seating Arrangements

You may not understand why your host seats you next to certain other guests, but respect their decision. Perhaps, as part of your what to do to get ready for a wedding duties you might want to inquire about it.

Enjoy the Food and Drink–Don’t Overdo it!

The reception is the fun part of the wedding! Even more exciting is a bar that is open! However, you don’t want to create any scenes or embarrass yourself, so pace yourself. Why not enlist a buddy as part of what to do to get ready for a wedding? You can ask your friend if they are available (for a small fee). If they can pick you up and bring you home should you have one too many drinks? Or, have Uber on speed dial to get you home safely. As a last resort, perhaps you can get a hotel room near the reception to sleep it off.

Make Sure to Greet the Newlyweds

Although one or both members of the wedding couple is your best friend, you don’t want to monopolize them. Their wedding is not the time nor place to hang out and chat all night. They have family, friends, and many other guests that want to congratulate them. Just greet them both and give your congratulations, chat for a few minutes, then move on.

How to Politely Decline a Wedding Invitation

You received an invitation to a wedding, and have thought about what to do to get ready for a wedding. However, you have an issue. After careful consideration, you realize the date and time of the wedding conflicts with a prior engagement. How do you decline the invitation without putting a strain on the relationship?

The easy way out would be to make a quick phone call, apologize profusely to the bride and groom. Explaining you appreciate the invitation, but this time of year is very hectic for you. Give them your congratulations and mail them a wedding gift to be delivered in time for the ceremony.

Although your friends will be disappointed you cannot come to their wedding, they will respect you for explaining. Don’t just avoid the issue and pretend you never saw the invitation, claiming it was “lost in the mail”. This is one sure-fire way of losing a friendship for good.

Now that you know what to do to get ready for a wedding, the last step is to go and have some fun!

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