How to Pick a Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

With all of the planning that is involved in a wedding, it can be quite overwhelming. From figuring out the guest list to the venue, and what meals will be served, there are many details that must be decided on. One of the most important of course is the wedding dress. With all of the options for wedding dresses that are available, it can be a bit of an intimidating decision for your big day. In this video, you will be guided on how to best pick your dress based on your stature.

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There are many silhouettes available, so it is important that you do a bit of research beforehand. The ball gown has a full skirt and a fitted waist. It is a very traditional design. Another type is the sheath design. This is more of an elongated look with a formfitting cut. The third type of dress is the A-line design. It tends to be more narrow at the top and extends along the body.

When making this decision, there are many options available, so be sure to try different types and see what works best for you!.

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