14 Home Backyard Wedding Ideas and Benefits

There has been a significant global change for the last two years, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the significant changes is that large gatherings have been discouraged to minimize the spread of the virus. Therefore, a backyard wedding would be just the right option. Nonetheless, you are responsible for ensuring that your compound is ready to receive your guests. This article will equip you with some of the best home backyard wedding ideas to help you have the best wedding day.

Benefits of a Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings have gained popularity in the recent past. There are several pros to holding an at-home wedding ceremony. The main benefits include;

Saves You Money

Renting a wedding reception can cost you a lot, considering that most venues charge exorbitantly. In most cases, it will even cost you more to use the venue’s electronics and decorations. However, if you embrace the best home backyard wedding ideas, you will realize a significant reduction in costs. The compound is naturally beautified, which significantly cuts the decoration costs. The electricity expenses will be reduced, too, because you will be using natural light.

No Restrictions

Holding your wedding ceremony in your compound means that there are no boundaries to what you and your spouse choose to indulge in. There is complete intimacy depending on what you and your better half decide. Additionally, there will be no extra charges if you decide to add more people, including pets or children, to celebrate your marriage.


It is not a surprise to have your wedding dates changed because the venue you desire has already been booked for other events. This is not the case with an at-home wedding. You have the freedom to set any date for your wedding, as long as you understand how the weather is during that time of the year. What’s more, you can have both the reception and ceremony in your compound, eliminating the need for your guests to rush from one venue to another.

Time Freedom

Most wedding venues may allow you just a few hours to celebrate your marriage, probably because other people booked before you. Sometimes, it can also be challenging to find an ideal venue that is not already booked on your set wedding day. However, holding such a ceremony in your backyard means you can spend all the time you want, consequently making your big day less stressed and more memorable.

Decor Freedom

Organizing to wed your spouse in your backyard allows you to let your creative juices flow as you transform the compound into whatever you had dreamed of. You are not bound by anyone’s rules, apart from yours and those of your parents. Enjoy the outdoors without any limitations. There are many companies where you can rent whatever you require, including tents if you are worried about the wedding day’s weather conditions.

Preparing your Backyard for the Wedding

As much you understand the benefits of an at-home wedding, you must also know the best home backyard wedding ideas. That will help you to ensure that the day goes smoothly and your guests are comfortable and safe in your compound. Some of the ways of preparing your background for a wedding ceremony include;


You have to start by making your yard and lawn look exquisite. It is the first part of your home that visitors will see during the ceremony day. The main landscaping benefit is that it will make your property look good long after the wedding. Fortunately, there are a lot of professionals dealing with landscaping who can do an excellent job. However, you should pick one with vast knowledge of tree care services and other landscaping-related work. Consider your budget before settling on a particular landscaping expert. You can also ask the professional to handle root pruning to help the grass, flowers, and other plants in your yard grow better. Plant more flowers and potted plants at the entrance and around the yard to complement the day’s mood. They may take time to flourish, which is why you are advised to make such preparations months before the wedding day. However, do not panic if the day arrives and you do not have beautiful plants and flowers in your compound. Several companies offer rental services for plants and flowers for various occasions.

The Roof

It is vital to check the roof’s condition and do any necessary touchups. That is because your guests will spend most of their time outdoors, so you do not want them to be looking at a messy roof with missing shingles or a broken wooden truss. This is one of the best home backyard wedding ideas. You can hire a qualified roofing contractor to help you with this task. It would be wise to focus on all the roofs around your property, including the one on your gazebo (if you have one) and garage.

Create a Dance Stage

Weddings are joyous and exciting occasions, whereby most, if not all, are filled with music and dancing. You already took care of your lawn and yard, and you may not want your guests to trample on them as they enjoy the dance. Therefore, one of the best home backyard wedding ideas is to build a dance floor where everyone can get their groove on. You do not have to spend a lot on this. The ideal way to build such a stage is by recycling old wooden pallets. With such materials in place, hiring deck builders will be much cheaper.

Think of the Kids

Most of your guests will most likely bring their children along, not to mention that you may have your children at the event, too. In this regard, it would be wise to create exciting and fun places for all the young attendees. Fortunately, today you can hire different items for the children to play with and on, including trampolines and above-ground swimming pools. Nonetheless, your first concern should be the child’s safety. If you have an old treehouse in your backyard, consider blocking it off or having it renovated to ensure the safety of any child who may need to get into it. Remember, the structures you create for kids depend on several factors. First, is the size of your compound. You cannot have a small home yet decide to hire three or four above-ground swimming pools. That will only make the backyard congested, and you can be certain your day will be stressful. Second, the number of children attendees that you expect at your wedding also matters a lot. It would be unwise to spend a substantial amount on creating huge fun spots, yet you expect about ten kids to attend. Being prepared for the kids is among the best home backyard wedding ideas.

Tree Removal Services

Do not let an old, crooked, or weak tree make your at-home wedding a dangerous event. Your first concern when thinking of home backyard wedding ideas should be everyone’s safety. Trees and branches that are in bad condition can injure your visitors, consequently ruining the event. Therefore, it is wise to plan and have such trees removed by professionals. While you are at it, make sure that any bark dust lying on your outdoors is swept away and disposed of properly. Working with a professional tree remover is the best decision. Such experts can advise you accordingly on which trees need to be uprooted or trimmed to make them better. The trees in your compound may come in handy, especially by offering shade for your guests if the sun becomes too hot. This will help you save more on the money you would have used to rent a tent. However, if the branches and the tree itself seem to be in bad shape, you better consider having them removed.

Conduct the Necessary Repairs

Your home needs to be in the right state before the wedding day. Therefore, making the required repairs on different parts of the property is one of the excellent home backyard wedding ideas. The windows, doors, and walls should be among your priorities because these are the sections that people will see throughout the wedding day. Replacing the broken window panes can be a DIY task or require a professional touch, depending on the technicality. Consider garage door repair services to ensure that part of the house is in the proper condition and effectively serves its function. However, you can decide to undertake simple repair projects by yourself, such as replacing a gutter, filling the potholes on your driveway, and fixing a broken door hinge.

Add a Coat of Paint

Everything on the exterior of your home, especially in the backyard, should be given a touch of paint some days before the wedding. This will give the paint ample time to dry before the guests start streaming in. Exterior walls are the best to start with. It is not a must to spend thousands of dollars on such a project – a simple coat of paint can cause the transformation you desire to see. After the walls, you should move to other exterior structures, such as the gazebo, fence, patio and its cover, pergola, and any other that you may have on your compound. The best part about adding a coat of paint is that you can choose the colors depending on your tastes and preferences. You are not hiding anything from anyone, so you have a plethora of options at your disposal. As for the walls, you can decide to hire a siding contractor instead of painting as long as your budget allows for it.


Undoubtedly, the people attending your backyard wedding will have to answer the calls of nature or want to freshen up their bodies. Checking the condition of the washrooms before the wedding day is among the wise home backyard wedding ideas for preparation. Most homes today have interior and exterior toilets and bathrooms. If you have exterior washrooms, then your work is simple. You simply have to give the restrooms a good scrub, maybe paint them, and repair anything broken. You can hire professional plumbers if there is an issue with the restroom’s drainage. However, if your home has interior washrooms only, you should consider hiring portable toilets for your guests. Although you might know some or all of the people in attendance, it would not be ideal for them to use the toilets and bathrooms inside your house. It is also advisable to ensure you have adequate toiletries for your visitors, including tissue paper, soaps, and hand sanitizers.

Exterior Lighting

An evening party accompanies most weddings, and yours will probably not be an exception. In this case, when the sun goes down, you will need to provide light for your visitors, besides the security light bulbs on your house. Take time to hang some light bulbs and wires on the trees in your yard, around the deck, on the patio, on the pathway, and anywhere else that you deem might need light during the night. If you have some background electrical knowledge, you can handle this task as a do-it-yourself with help from your better half or someone else. Fortunately, the internet is packed with information on the best outdoor lighting for your wedding night reception. Otherwise, it would be wise of you to consider hiring a qualified electrician, especially if you lack the skills and time to DIY the project. It may cost you some money to hire such a professional, but they will do a better job than you and ensure the entire project’s safety. As you check out the lighting, you should also be prepared in case of a blackout, which is why you should have a generator ready.

A wedding ceremony is a time that is accompanied by celebrations, dancing, feasting, and other relevant happenings. However, you should be aware of all the preparations you need to undertake to ensure that your big day is a success, especially if you are doing it in your backyard. The above are some of the critical home backyard wedding ideas you should embrace before the wedding day arrives.

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