Dont Let a Family Members Arrest Interrupt Your Wedding Plans

Planning a wedding is a time-consuming process, and of course, you want everything to go perfectly. Ideally, all of the most important people in your life will be at your wedding to celebrate with you. Unfortunately, life events can get in the way.

If one of your family members has been arrested shortly before your wedding, they may be able to attend. When a person is arrested, they are taken to jail, but they are only held there for a short period of time while an arraignment is scheduled.

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If your loved one pleads not guilty during their arraignment, they will be assigned a bail amount. If they pay it, they will be free to live as normal while attending their court dates.

Sometimes, the bail amount is too high for a person to pay. That’s where a bail bond agent steps in. If your loved one can’t afford to leave jail and attend your wedding on their own, a bail bond agent can help for a relatively small fee. The fee is sort of like an insurance premium. You can offer to help your loved one find a bail bond agent or otherwise support them as they try to make it to your wedding ceremony.


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